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Euroindex Ltd. is the largest organizer of b2b trade shows in Ukraine. The company has achieved it's leading position by holding numerous well-known specialized trade shows: ЕnterEX - information systems, MaRHo - equipment for shops, restaurants, and hotels, elcomUkraine - power-engineering, electrical engineering, and energy-saving, REX - advertising, marketing, and the mass media, BEZPEKA (SECURITY) - security systems and equipment. Euroindex is also one of the founders, and a co-owner, of the largest exhibition center in Ukraine, KyivExpoPlaza.

Key areas of business
  • organization of international trade shows;
  • organization of conferences, forums and seminars;
  • Internet e-services;
  • Public relations and event management.

International recognition
Euroindex Ltd. is a member of the authoritative international organizations: The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI), and the CENTREX International Exhibition Union. This bears witness to certification of international recognition and to conformation with the high standards of the international exhibition business.

The statistical data from each trade show (the number of exhibitors and visitors, and net exhibition space) is audited by the international auditing company, BDO Balance-Audit, according to the methodology of the CENTREX International Exhibition Union. Auditing is an obligatorily condition for membership of The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI), and guarantees all exhibitors and visitors objective and accurate information about the trade shows. It allows the marketing opportunities of the trade shows to be evaluated realistically.

Technological leadership, and high quality standards
Euroindex Ltd. is the technological leader in the Ukrainian exhibition industry. At its fairs, innovational decisions in the IT and marketing communications spheres are introduced for the first time. We are always a step ahead in providing unique services to our exhibitors and visitors - before, during, and after, each trade show. Our services (free tickets ordered over the Internet, a free exhibition catalogue for each visitor and free access to it on the Internet, free attendance of educational events at the trade show, free shuttle busses and phones for local calls, rest areas for visitors, a visual communication system for easy navigation around the trade show, educational events for participants on effective exhibition work, an analytic report for exhibitors after the trade show with a breakdown of the visitor profile, etc) aspire to being de-facto standards in the Ukrainian exhibition industry.

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